About Us


The Silt Historical Park has been evolving from a sleepy yet charming cluster of seven historic structures and farming equipment into the vibrant cultural center of Silt, where historic and prehistoric skills demonstrations and classes, concerts, dances, examples of early western structures and artifacts, and exciting historic reenactments draw in locals and visitors alike.

Park History: The Silt Historical Society was organized in 1982, providing the groundwork for the Historical Park. The Garfield County School District donated seven town lots, and the Garfield Library Board donated the modular structure that is currently our entrance building. With these and other donations of buildings, artifacts, supplies, and volunteers' time, the Park was born.
The Silt Historical Society keeps several goals in mind. These goals are the ongoing motivation that keeps the Park alive and growing. The goals include bringing together people interested in the history of the Silt area; collecting and preserving cultural and historical information and materials; and making these historical materials and information available to the public. We believe awareness of the richness of this region's cultural heritage provides the foundation upon which citizens can continue to build a successful community.
Continuing in the tradition of sharing, all of the Park's current displays were donated, and volunteers complete all records, restoration, and maintenance.
SHP begining 2 001 sallee house moving.jpg

Sallee House in 1980s

In this picture, the Sallee House , which was one of the first buildings moved to SHP, is delivered. A lot of work was done to the building to restore it to the point it is today.

SHP begining 3 001 austin schoolhouse moving.jpg

Austin Schoolhouse

The Austin Schoolhouse, which now resides at SHP, was used as the main building for the Rifle Historical Park for a time before they moved to their current location. Here it is pictured being transported via truck.

SHP begining 001 office former library.jpg


SHP's current office building was originally used as a library for the town of Silt.